Shipping Information
Important Notice to All TSR Official online shop for overseas Customers
TSR Official online shop for overseas site is driven by Moto-Works.JP.
Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus in the world Let us overcome this crisis together
As rapid spread of coronavirus has major impact on almost all the people in the world, we, as Moto-Works.jp, is not exceptional.
To keep providing our products and service, we have favor to ask you.
EMS delivery service was the reliable and most cost-effective method to provide free shipping service.
Since Japan Post has suspended EMS service to majority of the country in the world for unknow period, we have been trying to keep our free shipping service using other carrier.
However, cost of shipping is more than doubled and some order was shipped with negative gain.
Until EMS resume their service, we might ask you to share the shipping fee for large size product.
Since, cost of shipping varies for every order, we will send E-mail to individual customers if additional shipping fee was need.
We will do our best to minimize your share of shipping fee. If shipping fee was not accepted, we will refund your money and cancel your order.
Small product such as Racer Replica mirrors, Meter Covers, and some small Carbon Trim Screen, can be shipped out without any additional shipping fee.
Thank you in advance for your understandings. We wish you and your loved ones a good health.

Moto-Works.JP / TSR team
Can I pay with my Credit Card? If i can, how?
Yes, you can pay with your credit card through Paypal system. 
moto-works.jp's shopping cart is based on Paypal system, which includes the credit card payment service.
Do I have to pay import duty on TSR Products shipped from Japan?
Some countries ( like the United States ) are very free on this issue. Each county has its own regulations concerning import tax etc.
We will try to work with customers to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved.
Can I return or exchange products?
Since all ites are made to order, please choose carefully.
if there is a defect etc we will gladly replace the item, for for regular orders we cannot accept returns or exchanges, so again pease carefully choose your item.
Ive had an accident and need some spare parts for my RR mirrors and Carbon trim screen.
Can I get spare parts?
We carry all spare parts down to the last bolt for these and all Magical Racings products.
What is the 10% tax shown in checkout?
We are not the manufacturer, so the Japanese consumption tax needs to be paid. The simplest way for that is it to be incorporated into the paypal checkout system.
Please understand with the yen's value ( we purchase in Yen and sell in US dollars ) you are getting great deals on these products!
Do you include traces when you ship?
Yes for all order!
You can keep track of your purchase at all times, from here in Japan to your doorstep.
I have a question, how do i contact you?
Please contact us about anything related to Moto-works.
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